The Assembly of Delegates (AOD) is a group of AMTA members elected to provide input on items of interest for the association as it relates/impacts their state, as outlined in policy. The volunteer Virginia Delegates represent the opinions of our Virginia members during the Assembly of Delegates at the National Convention.  


Delegates represent us on the National level. Delegates play a very important role for the membership in AMTA. They are your voice on the national level.  Delegates serve two year terms. Every year at the Virginia State Convention we elect 1 delegate to go to the National Convention and represent the Chapter in the House of Delegates.

Delegates are accountable to, and elected by the membership. You can learn more about the Assembly of Delegates here.

2023 Assembly of Delegates Update

Discussion Topic:    “How might Decriminalization of Sex Workers and the Sex Workers Industry Impact Massage Therapy Profession / Status / Licensure? 
What are some of the proactive and protective language that could be included or amended in massage therapy statutes that protect the health and welfare of the public, elevate the profession, and protect the profession from being abused?
Proposed Idea for a Position Statement (PIPS):  Massage Therapy and Cancer Treatment”
If the PIPS is brought to the Board, should a research workgroup be created who would assess the current research in the profession related to Massage Therapy and Cancer and its treatments?  This research workgroup would also assess whether or not the statement would address Massage Therapy and its effects on a specific cancer or condition of cancer, OR if it would need to remain broad-based.

Rita Holt ~ Delegate
Term: 2023-2024

Elected Delegates are required to go to AMTA National Convention. A written report is required to be submitted with expense report in order for reimbursement to be issued. AMTA-VA reimburses airfare, meals and expenses related to travel.