2019 Annual Conference

AMTA Virginia Chapter Annual Conference
Saturday March 30 & Sunday March 31, 2019
Holiday Inn North Beach, Virginia Beach
Doug Nelson and the Mystery of Pain 1pm Saturday
(registration begins at 12pm)
Annual Meeting and Lunch 9am Sunday
(registration begins at 8am)
Keynote address by Doug Nelson
Classes Sunday afternoon 1pm-5pm
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Class Descriptions

The Mystery of Pain (4 CEs)
Instructor – Doug Nelson – Precision Neuromuscular Therapy
Supplies Needed – None

The Mystery of Pain is a fascinating journey into the very heart of how you understand, and therefore treat pain and suffering. A deeper understanding of the science of pain will open new vistas for exploration and increase your effectiveness with clients who hurt. Essentially, the more deeply you understand the process of pain, the more power you have to influence it. Emerging advances in the science of pain are not only fascinating; they open doors to possible avenues of treatment.


Effective Soft-Tissue Strategies for Plantar Fasciitis and Plantar Fasciosis (4 CEs)
Instructor – Doug Nelson – Precision Neuromuscular Therapy
Supplies Needed – Massage Table, Sheets, Lotion or Oil

Heel pain affects up to 10% of the population; it would only make sense that since the source of pain is soft tissue in nature, the treatment should be soft tissue focused as well. Many long-term cases of plantar fasciitis are actually plantar fasciosis, which requires a totally different approach. In this hands-on training, you will understand the difference between these two conditions and learn effective strategies for both.


{Re}Ignite Your Passion: Getting and Staying Fired Up (4 CEs)
Instructor – Cindy Farrar – Applied Therapeutic Perspectives

Supplies Needed – None

Our passion and our journey are inextricably linked. Passion is the energy that fuels our journey. To have a ‘fully involved’ journey we must know what SPARKs our journey and how to keep it burning. We all have demands coming at us from all directions. How we negotiate the demands impacts our effectiveness as therapists and in our lives in general. In this very interactive class we will explore what SPARKS our passion(s) and identify ways we can successfully maintain our fire.

Students will be able to:
• Effectively employ tools to minimize impact of internal and external factors on the pursuit of their passion
• Discern the blocks to pursuing their passion
• Understand the importance of self-care and self awareness
• Apply the 5 step process to {Re}Igniting their passion


CPR – Information Coming Soon



Member Price: $85 (Early Bird Rate $65 through 3/9/2019)
Non-Member Price: $95 (Early Bird Rate $75 through 3/9/2019)
Student Price: $35
Chapter meeting and luncheon are free to attend