2018 Annual Conference

AMTA Virginia Chapter Annual Conference
Sunday May 6, 2018
Holiday Inn Charlottesville
Annual Meeting and Lunch in the morning!
Keynote address by Greg Hurd
Classes in the afternoon!
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Class Descriptions

Headache Relief Techniques
Instructor – Sue Juczak – Advanced Medical Massage
Supplies Needed – Massage Table, Sheets

In this class you will learn techniques to help relieve Muscular Tension type headaches We will review anatomy, learn trigger point techniques, address muscular imbalances and experience relaxation techniques. You will create a Headache Questionnaire with important information like the location, frequency and intensity of their clients headaches. We’ll also look at some of the common factors in headaches. If you work with clients that suffer from headaches, take this workshop and learn some new skill to help treat them more effectively.

Seva Stress Release for Massage Therapists
Instructor – Michele Wade – Soul Lightening

The Seva Stress Release is a 15-point acupressure protocol. This workshop teaches how this acupressure protocol can be used for self-care. It addresses a wide range of needs, including general relaxation and well being or extreme shock and stress. This dynamic and interactive workshop allows the participant to fully experience the Seva Stress release through demonstration and hands-on practice. Workshop participants learn a unique touch method.

Introduction to Myofascial Sports Massage
Instructor Peter Pfannerstill – UltraSports Massage Therapy

Supplies Needed – Massage Table, Sheets, Palmers Cocoa Butter 3.5oz Tub
Specific Clothing – Sports shoes with rubber soles, sports shorts, sports bra, t-shirt
(No flip flops, sandals, jeans or capris)

Students learn the basic principles and theories of Myofascial Sports Massage (MSM), learn the standing structural awareness test and learn basic body reading as a way to evaluate clients. The instructor demonstrates basic and advanced MSM spreading strokes. With direction from the instructor, the students then perform these MSM strokes on their classmates. The instructor combines these strokes into a full-body MSM routine and demonstrates how it can be completed in 30 minutes. Students perform the full-body routine on their classmates.

Ethics for the Massage Therapist; How We View and Choose our Actions
Instructor – Greg Hurd – Bancroft School of Massage Therapy

One of our Board Members took this class at the 2016 National Convention and loved it! She described it as a free flowing stream of ideas and discussion. She would gladly take it every year if she could.


All this for only $79! (Early bird rate $59)
Students only $20.18!